adj. and adv. clear•er, clear•est,
1) free from darkness, obscurity, or cloudiness:
a clear day[/ex]
2) transparent; pellucid:
clear water[/ex]
3) without discoloration, defect, or blemish:
clear skin[/ex]
4) of a pure, even color:
a clear yellow[/ex]
5) easily seen; sharply defined:
a clear outline[/ex]
6) distinctly perceptible to the ear; easily heard:
a clear sound[/ex]
7) free from hoarse, harsh, or rasping qualities:
a clear voice[/ex]
8) easily understood; without ambiguity:
clear answers[/ex]
9) entirely comprehensible; completely understood:
The causes of inflation may never be clear[/ex]
10) distinct; evident; plain:
a clear case of measles[/ex]
11) free from confusion, uncertainty, or doubt:
clear thinking[/ex]
12) perceiving or discerning distinctly:
a clear mind[/ex]
13) free from blame or guilt:
a clear conscience[/ex]
14) serene; untroubled:
a clear brow[/ex]
15) free from obstructions or obstacles; open:
a clear path[/ex]
16) free from entanglement or contact:
He kept clear of her after the argument[/ex]
17) without limitation or qualification; absolute:
a clear victory[/ex]
18) free from obligation, liability, or debt:
a return of 4 percent, clear of taxes[/ex]
19) without deduction or diminution:
a clear profit of $1000[/ex]
20) freed or emptied of contents, cargo, etc
21) bright; shining:
a clear flame[/ex]
22) in a clear or distinct manner; clearly
23) so as not to be in contact with or near; away:
Stand clear of the closing doors[/ex]
24) entirely; completely; clean:
to cut a piece clear off[/ex]
25) to remove people or objects from:
to clear the table of dishes[/ex]
26) to remove (people or objects):
to clear the press from the courtroom[/ex]
27) to make clear, transparent, or pellucid:
to clear a liquid[/ex]
28) to make free of confusion, doubt, or uncertainty:
to clear the mind[/ex]
29) to make understandable or lucid; free from ambiguity or obscurity:
Her reply cleared the confusion[/ex]
30) to make (a path, road, etc.) by removing any obstruction
31) to eat all the food on:
to clear one's plate[/ex]
32) med to relieve (the throat) of some obstruction, as phlegm, by forcing air through the larynx, usu. producing a rasping sound
33) to make a similar rasping noise in (the throat), as to express disapproval or to attract attention
34) to free of anything defamatory or discrediting:
to clear one's name[/ex]
35) to free from suspicion, accusation, or imputation of guilt:
The jury cleared the defendant of the charge[/ex]
36) cmp to remove instructions or data from (a computer, display screen, etc.)
37) to pass by or over without contact or entanglement:
The ship cleared the reef[/ex]
38) to pass through or away from:
The bill cleared the Senate[/ex]
39) bus to pass (checks or other commercial paper) through a clearinghouse
40) (of mail, telephone calls, etc.) to process, handle, reroute, etc
41) to free from debt:
to clear an estate[/ex]
42) to gain as clear profit
43) to pay (a debt) in full
44) to receive authorization before taking action on:
to clear a plan with headquarters[/ex]
45) to give clearance to; authorize
46) to authorize (a person, agency, etc.) to use classified information, documents, etc
47) agr. to remove trees, buildings, or other obstructions from (land), as for farming or construction
48) navig. to free (a ship, cargo, etc.) by satisfying customs and other requirements
49) to try or otherwise dispose of (the cases awaiting court action):
to clear the docket[/ex]
50) spo to jump (a specific height or distance):
He cleared 12 feet[/ex]
51) to become clear:
The sky cleared[/ex]
52) to disappear; vanish:
These problems will clear shortly[/ex]
53) bus to exchange checks and bills, and settle balances, as in a clearinghouse
54) to become free from doubt, anxiety, misunderstanding, etc
55) to pass an authority for review, approval, etc
56) naut. navig.
a) naut. navig. to comply with customs and other legal requirements at port
b) naut. navig. to leave port after having complied with such requirements
57) bus (of a commodity for sale) to sell out; become bought out:
Wheat cleared rapidly[/ex]
58) phv clear out
a) to go away, esp. quickly
b) to drive or force out
59) phv clear up
to make clear; explain
60) a clear or unobstructed space
Etymology: 1250–1300; ME clere < AF, OF cler < L clārus clear′a•ble, adj. clear′er, n. clear′ness, n.

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